Portfolio: Elision

Note: Elision (Ltd. Company) operated under Lordsofcrypto until a rebrand to CryptoLOCG. The company and its related social media accounts were sold in January 2020. I have had no relation since then.



Elision's product was essentially my research and my ability to express it. This came in various forms; regular market reports, learning material, social media posts, content for marketing. My largest project was a 134 page, 29 chapter book (download - see right). This project took 8 weeks, showcasing my ability to commit to and complete a long-term project.


Influencer marketing was crucial to Elision’s success. Fresh audiences served the top of my marketing funnel while the influencer's ‘stamp of approval’ served the bottom. ROIs were great with minimal costs.


Examples include Dustin Poirer (UFC fighter) with 2.9 million followers who cost $1,500 for a post (see contract left & profile below). It took just 3 new clients from 2 million for a 100% ROI, or 0.0001% of Dustin's audience. Other influencers include Frank Mir and various other smaller cryptocurrency pages.

Influencer Marketing


Facebook Ads


Facebook ads are the backbone of many marketing campaigns but not Elisions. Various ads were tested but only proved effective at the bottom of the funnel. As the subscription was costly ($500) conversions from unaware audiences didn't happen. However, they were effective in retargeting. In particular, I used a Facebook pixel to target people who had already expressed interest by visiting our website.

FB ad.png
FB ad story.png

Press release audiences were low for the high cost ($500 average per article). Instead, they were used to give authenticity to the brand. Major announcements were always announced via press release including our rebrand from Lordsofcrypto to LOCglobal (see left). This rebrand was for a fresh feel but disguised as a rebrand for tax evasion reasons (something I knew would appeal to my opportunistic followers). Similar to the reaction of Jordan Belforts "Wolf of Wall Street" article in Forbes. 

Press Releases


News Letter


News letters were aimed at the lower end of the funnel. The email content (market reports) proved my information was worth the cost. The news letter was promoted using competitions on our social media pages (see below). Followers were asked to subscribe in return for prizes of BTC ($500) or free entry to the group.

email marketing.png

I held giveaways monthly to promote our page and gain new followers. Prizes were always cash in the form of crypto or a free subscription for sharing on their social media. If we received 1 registration from the giveaway, we had a 100% ROI. Giveaway cost, $500, one subscription, $500.



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